Agriculture Insurance

Crop Insurance: With CIC

Cover is available for all types of crops, whether rain-fed or irrigated. The following types of crops are covered:

  • Annuals e.g. wheat, barley, maize, sorghum, rice
  • Perennials e.g. tea, coffee, sugarcane
  • Horticulture, e.g. snow peas, French beans, tomatoes,
  • Floriculture- e.g. roses and carnations
  • Forestry e.g. eucalyptus, pine, cypress stands
  • Tree crops e.g. avocados, macadamia
  • Greenhouses i.e., steel/wood structures and plastic cladding

For rain-fed farming, a multiperil insurance is provided which covers either the input costs or value of expected yields as a result of the following perils:

  • Drought, Excess rains, Flooding, Hail damage, Frost damage, Uncontrollable pests and diseases ,Fire and related perils

Getting Insured: Crops

For annuals and perennials, the farmer will be required to complete a Crop Proposal Form.

Specifically, the proposer will give the Long-term Average Yields (LTAY) of the crops in question, i.e. how many bags/kgs have you been achieving per acre over the past say, 5 years?

Premium rates:

  • These will vary depending on the type of crop. Annuals and perennials will attract around 5% of the value of insured crop
  • For greenhouse production, crops attract around 1% of their value, while other components of the greenhouse will attract different rates. The final premium will be a summation of the various components
  • Crop premiums are seasonal, and insurance ends when the crop is harvested
  • Cover given on a Yield Guarantee basis, up to 65% of the LTAY
  • Crop Inspections
  • Once insured, insurer’s agronomists will carry out several inspections to monitor the growth of the crop. Effects of the perils insured on the crop will be noted and recorded. The inspection reports are as follows:
  • Emergence Report- will confirm the level of insurance based on germination percentage of the crop
  • Mid-Season Report-will monitor the growth of the crop and capture any variable e.g. drought, nutrient deficiency, weeds, pests and diseases
  • Pre-harvest Report-will estimate the expected yields


CIC has the capacity to cover individual risks of up to Ksh 100,000,000 per farm (i.e. individual farms of up to 2,800 ha for a crop like wheat). This means that CIC can comfortably insure the bread baskets of Kenya (Narok, Nakuru, Eldoret and Timau) for wheat, barley and maize.

Livestock Insurance

Covers all types of livestock (Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, fish & other emerging livestock) against death as a result of:

  • Accidents, uncontrollable diseases including epidemics, birth complications, emergency slaughter on medical grounds, fire and related perils.

Depending on the type of livestock, the cover has a waiting period, e.g. 30 days for cattle and 7 days for poultry. During this period, losses due to diseases are not covered.

Premium rates:

  • These are dependant on the type of livestock, numbers, rearing method and experience of the proposer.
  • The standard rate is 4% of the value of animals which can go up or down this rate depending on the parameters given above
  • Livestock cover is annual hence premiums are paid once in a year.

Getting Insured: Livestock

The proposer will complete the following forms:

  • Livestock Proposal Form
  • Veterinary Certificate- from a qualified vet showing that the animals proposed for insurance are healthy.
  • All animals proposed for insurance must be identified by ear tags(cattle, goats, sheep)
  • Claims settlement
  • The farmer notifies the insurer within 24 hrs of loss
  • Takes photograph of unopened carcass
  • Secures a Postmortem Report from a qualified vet surgeon, to be handed to insurers within 14 days of loss


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