Contractors’ All Risks

Contractors’ “all risks” insurance provides cover in respect of both temporary and permanent works in the course of their construction.

Cover also includes unfixed materials or equipment on site for incorporation in works, all the items of constructional plant, equipment, tools and the like, whether mechanically operated or not, plus temporary buildings for use as site offices, mess accommodation, workers’ camp stores, and workshops and their contents.

The cover provides indemnity to the Insured (Contractor) in respect of Loss, Damage or Liability arising out of fire, theft and injury to third parties.

The items normally covered are:

  • Contract Price
  • Materials or items supplied by the principals
  • Construction Plant Equipment and Machinery
  • Clearance of Debris.


The cover is also extended to cover Third Party Liability in respect of Bodily Injury and Property Damage.

The policy period is normally the full contract period and a further Six, Twelve Months or as may be agreed to cover Maintenance Period.


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