Medical Insurance

In line with our vision, pacific insurance brokers has partnered with regulatory and professional bodies in the industry. We are currently members of medical insurance providers association of Kenya and have been registered by the insurance regulatory authority as a medical insurance provider.

Medical care constitutes an essential element of human life, making medical insurance one of the most desirable benefits available to organizations, individuals and their families. Medical Insurance is the process of transferring the cost of future incidences of ill health to a risk carrier in exchange for a specific smaller payment or premium.

Medical Insurance Products

Self-Funded Products

These are schemes whereby the client deposits funds with us and we pay any medical claims arising from the funds. The administration rules are drawn by the client and these rules are usually in line with their staff terms of employment. Pacific charges an administration fee per person per year.

Fund management strives to provide value for money in the following ways:-

  • Quality – to ensure adequate and proper care to staff and their dependants in times of illness.
  • Cost Effectiveness – to ensure cost containment measures that will not interrupt on quality of healthcare services provided.
  • Flexibility – to meet varied health needs of staff in a way that is not restrictive.
  • Equity – to provide equal and accessible healthcare to all staff members and their dependants.

Services provided include; Fund Management where Pacific assists the Client in creating rules regarding membership of the fund and assist in determining budget required to operate the fund.

Membership Management, Pacific registers and maintains all client staff and their dependants on the fund, Prepares membership cards to all members, provides a summary of the benefits and approved service providers. It also terminates or suspends membership according to rules of the fund.

Management Information, Pacific maintains a data-warehouse of information for client’s reference, Provides employer with monthly utilization reports and Provides membership and claims information for budgetary purposes.

At Pacific insurance brokers we have a relationship with major medical service providers which include Gertrude’s hospital, The Nairobi Hospital, Agakhan Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, Avenue Hospital among others.

International Medical Insurance

The need for first class International Health Insurance has never been greater. Are you looking for a medical insurance plan that you can use worldwide? One that will cover you if you live outside Kenya? This can be for expatriates, international students and individuals.

For those expatriates living and working abroad, accessing the right kind of health insurance cover can turn out to be a nightmare, with the cost of medical treatment often expensive and difficult to arrange particularly in an emergency this also applies to students.

For individuals willing to take international cover there is an added advantage in that they can access over five thousand hospitals world wide and can be treated anywhere. The prices of medical insurance vary worldwide and thus others tend to be more expensive.

Pacific has partnered with internationally recognized institutions and market leaders to ensure our clients get the best service .We are in partnership with Interglobal Insurance Company, Bupa International Insurance Company and Reliance Health Insurance Company.

Individual Medical Insurance

Individual medical insurance accounts for 40% of our existing portfolio. Being part of our core businesses in the medical division, we have developed the product to appeal to small organizations that do not warrant the size of corporate and individual families.

We have partnered up with the major health insurance providers in Kenya and internationally to provide our client with a variety to suite their budget and cater to their medical needs.

Individuals can chose to purchase both the inpatient and outpatient or opt for the inpatient alone, other benefits that could accompany this are dental covers, optical cover, maternity cover and a last expense cover.

Corporate Medical Insurance

Corporate medical insurance   targets organizations with a minimum of ten staff .Pacific comes in handy to ensure that its corporate clients get flexible terms and competitive discounts.Large organizations need not to worry due to high premiums this is because pacific organizes for insurance premium financing at the lowest interest rate in the market.

Pacific has leveraged widespread experience over the years in the insurance industry to create a thriving business. We are all rounded and have dealt with corporations in different sectors of the business world this includes government, International, private companies, small and medium sized companies.

Welcome to Pacific Group (EA) Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) has received its ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This was a fine moment of joy and jubilation to be among the few Insurance Brokers who have received ISO certification. We believe our certification is a prove that we have come of age and that our dream to become the leading most reliable insurance brokerage house in the region is not far fetched. We are committed to our clients in providing valuable and professional services without compromising the principles of insurance.

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