IPF’s & M-pesa


1.    From your phone select MPESA OPTION
2.    Select Pay bill
3.    ENTER Business No. – 501300
4.    ENTER Account No. – Your Name & Car Reg. No.
5.    ENTER Amount
6.    ENTER Pin
7.    Send Money


1.    Obtain and complete a premium finance agreement form
2.    Indicate the amount to be financed
3.    Indicate the Preferred installment plan
4.    Give one current cheque for the first installment and postdated cheques for the other installments

Insurance Premium Finance Agreement.

Under the Insurance Act, premium is payable upfront for a cover to be there.  For many clients, the lump sum payment of premium is not convenient in terms of their cash-flows.  This is the need that premium finance is meant to address.

The premium finance concept is as follow:

  •    The insured who is not able to pay the full premium upfront conveniently and cost effectively, enters into an arrangement with a financier to effect that:
  •      The financier pays the insurer the full premium upfront, and
  •     The insured pays the financier by installments which include some interest.
  •    The insurer undertakes to cancel the policy / policies and refund to the financier pro-rata refund premium in the event of default.

Premium financing was introduced to the Kenyan market some years back and over the years the product has gained greater acceptance as an established and appropriate facility for paying premium.  With there being several providers, however it has focused on the corporate and high volume end of the market with facilities for personal lines business tending to be limited and expensive.

Pacific Insurance Brokers recognizes the great value that personal lines type of insurance has to offer and is committed to the development of this sector.  In this regard we have established, with some banks, premium financing facility specifically designed for all insured within various premium ranges. The facility is transparent and competitively priced thereby providing individuals with financing that they would not ordinarily be in a position to secure.  It has the further attribute of being straight forward and easily administered, allowing for quick completion of the application form, prompt decision making and immediate granting of cover.

This facility means that all our insured now have access to a competitively priced insurance premium financing facility, to enable you insure with confidence and conveniently.

The process of securing this financing is as follows:

  •    Obtain and complete a premium finance agreement form, indicating:

 » The amount you would like to be financed.
» The preferred installment plan.

  •    Give us one current cheque for the 1st installment, and post dated cheques for the other installments.
  •   It is possible to make payment through MPESA using our business number 501300


  •     Convenience.
  •     No extra service charge, just the normal MPESA transaction charge.
  •     Pay anywhere, anytime.


  •    All terms and conditions that apply within Safaricom automatically apply to this product.
  •    Transaction time Limit is at least 10 minutes.


Welcome to Pacific Group (EA) Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) has received its ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This was a fine moment of joy and jubilation to be among the few Insurance Brokers who have received ISO certification. We believe our certification is a prove that we have come of age and that our dream to become the leading most reliable insurance brokerage house in the region is not far fetched. We are committed to our clients in providing valuable and professional services without compromising the principles of insurance.

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