Quality Management System

The Company has adopted documented standards and procedures covering all stages of Insurance from business acquisition, documentation, claims handling and overall relationship with the client. The standards act as our guide to ensure that our clients get personalized attention from all the staff. Here below are the main aspects of our standards.

Approach to continuous improvement and Benchmarking

Our Staff, Management, Directors and Shareholders Are to Be Judged by the Promises We Keep.

Innovative Proposals

Our strength lies in pioneering innovative solutions to risk. PACIFIC (Formerly K & M) introduced Last Expense (Funeral Expense) into the Kenyan Insurance Market in the 1980’s and this turned out to be one of the most successful insurance products ever introduced in this market.

Project Management Systems

When appointed as the insurance broker by any client, we do not restrict ourselves to providing the traditional insurance services but endeavour to restructure the Insurance Programme in order to strike a balance between cost, coverage and financial security.

Our services will therefore include the following:-

  • Review of Current Programme
    We critically review all insurable exposures visa-a-vis existing coverages with the aim of identifying whether the current programme        adequately addresses cost, coverage and financial security.
  • Design and Implementation of an Optimum Insurance Programme.
    Once appointed by client, we will analyse the existing covers with a view to design an optimum insurance programme.  We will also go deeper to identify and negotiate insuring terms with the identified Insurance Company. In doing this, we will approach the identified Insurance Company and renegotiate with them where necessary with the aim of ensuring optimisation of the overall cost of risk. This will entail the following:-
      • A continuous review of the scope of coverage to ensure that it remains relevant in the face of business dynamics.Addition of new policy extensions where necessary and economical.
      • Mitigation of conditions and warranties Ensuring that the identified Insurer execute and commit itself to service delivery benchmarks through a Service Level Agreement.
      • Amalgamation of some policies thereby deriving benefits from the resultant economies of scale
  •   A periodic thorough re-marketing of the Insurance programme and comparison of premiums and terms quoted by other Insurance Company at renewal/expiry of tender
  •   Maintain documentation necessary for performance of insurance contracts (policies).
  •   Hold regular (scheduled) meetings to ensure we remain fully informed of your activities and changing needs.
Welcome to Pacific Group (EA) Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) has received its ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This was a fine moment of joy and jubilation to be among the few Insurance Brokers who have received ISO certification. We believe our certification is a prove that we have come of age and that our dream to become the leading most reliable insurance brokerage house in the region is not far fetched. We are committed to our clients in providing valuable and professional services without compromising the principles of insurance.

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